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And. Here. They. ARE.

and now they're all stars in a new book, too!

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Fun for the entire family!




Wacky, bordering on stark-raving-mad and fun for kids ages 5-99!


Find out why you should NEVER EVER put a frog on a zipline or use your cat as a refrigerator magnet and other bizarre, yet comical, scenarios. But you should DEFINITELY read this book!


Filled with LOL'toon drawings and comical humor for kids and adults.

Available in paperback and Kindle editions on Amazon.

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We've put down our 'pens' as authors and... wait for it...


We'll give out autographs for our fans, later. But first, we need to let you know something about our feline friend, our partner in adventures and the most amazing cat you've ever met. Introducing...

He's shared his life story in a new book series edited by Frank , The Flea (or FLTF for short) and as told to Jackson and Remy by  SUITCASE.THECAT. himsel do you know them?

Eliott is the kid who adopted us from the Shelter a few years ago and we now live with him and his mother in our forever home. Sometimes his grandmother visits.

[Uh, oh. Yes, they're the ones who wrote WARNING. NEVER. EVER.      That's the manuscript we found and published under made-up names, because we needed more toys and treats!]

A-n-y-h-o-w...STC can do things no other cat can do! Seriously! And, he takes us on some crazy, incredible adventures you won't think cat's would have, as he

  • figures out how not be anxious and scared;

  • searches for his lost family;

  • finds friends who are like family (US!!!!); and

  • becomes a Martial Arts Cathlete!

Cathletes are Olympic athletes who are felines. You know, cats. So, they're Cathletes competing in the Catolympics.  Get it?

We told you Suitcase is an exceptional cat! Check out his new video  here!

Trust us! You've got to read Book 1 of this hilarious and exciting new chapter book series yourself to discover why

SUITCASE is no ordinary cat.  

The original publication date of Fall 2022 has been delayed until Fall  2023.
Can't wait? Check out our 
FREE PREQUEL short story! It's all about us - Cookie and Angel - before
we met Suitcase! It's called
Click here to read our short story in Flipbook format right on this website! Or click here to download it FREE as a pdf file.
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