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I really like the pictures of Cookie, Angel and Suitcase. It was fun they had to go find all the nuts around the house. The cats were probably shocked, because they went to so much trouble.

...Anna A., 9

I liked the story a lot.

...Emily A., 7

I liked the cats fighting and kinda forgetting we're here. I loved the humor in the book. I think this book will do very well.

...Ingrid P., 10

This story is funny and has a lot of cats. My favorite character is Frank Lee, the Flea.

...Gabe F., 9

I really like your story. It was very funny. My favorite character is Angel. My favorite part was when Angel flew into the laundry basket. 

...Layla B., 9

I like the way the characters interfere to add comments and how ti's told like a past tense story but narrated by characters in the present. I also like how it's one story from multipole perspectives.

Jack R., 11

I really enjoyed the story. The details were awesome.

...Annie B., 8

I liked how it was told in three different way. My favorite charater was Cookie.

...Jhanvi R., 9

The cats are hilarious. It's the most ridiculous story I ever read, in a very good way!

...Jhanvi R., 9

It is really funny. The cats make me laugh. The squirrel was sneaky but fun. I really enjoyed the activities. They bring everything together.

...Seth S., 11

We are delighted to introduce the inaugural members of our Preview Team for our soon-to-be published new children's book series, 

     The Adventures of SUITCASE.THE.CAT.

Each of our Preview Team members has read the short story Prequel entitled, "THE SAGA OF MR. SQUIRREL" which is an introduction  to our upcoming book series. And each Team member has provided feedback in their own words.


Here are the initial team members with ages noted as of Spring/Summer 2021 when they read the Prequel:

Anna A, 9

Annie B, 8

Emily A, 7

Ingrid  P., 10

Layla B., 9

Welcome to our new members

Fall 2021:

Alice B., 8

Gabe F., 9

Jack R., 11

Jhanvi R., 9

Seth S., 11

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