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Acerca de

RJ in her usual perch
Meowzart practicing
Marco Polo (MP)
post card from Hawaii
Nosy Nelly 
Still trying to get that 
last bit of scotch tape off her nose,
(not her best photo)
The 'editor' photo he submitted, but his resume wasn't as oustanding as Frank Lee,
the Flea's.
Our inventor friends, Godfrey and Benjamin Franklin with their newest contraption: Bird Catcher
Guess who's new puppy this is?
(Yep, Frank Lee, the Flea!)
Portraits courtesy of:
RJ (Tranmautritam); Meowzart (Cottonbro); Fluffles (Anna Shvets); Marco Polo (Rodnae Productions); Nosy Nelly (Omar Ramadon);
Rufus (Sam Lion); and Godfrey and Benjamin Franklin (Arina Krasnikova),  Many thanks to
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