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Cat Mandalas

Some mandalas, a fave of Angel. It was her idea to include samplessince she's a cat that likes to relax and chill. She loves to play some music, while she fills in the mandalas with any colors she likes. No rules!


And she didn't have any trouble getting our wonderful Editor, FLTF, to agree to gift them FREE to our fans!

Nothing to buy. No email needed.

No 'cookies', either. The digital kind, that is.

Have you read our short story PREQUEL? Download it FREE to read what happens when a squirrel invades Cookie's and Angel's house!

Click here  to learn more and immediately download for free or access the free Flipbook. 

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Purrfect Cat Dictionary

Straight from the cat's mouth!

This is an original creation by

Cookie and Angel in their effort

to help make this a better world. 

Well, at least for cats!

This is a FREE gift from SUITCASE.THE.CAT.

to you for visiting us!

Nothing to buy. No email needed.

No 'cookies', either. The digital kind, that is.

Cat Mazes

Cookie is a true cat fan. And not just because she IS A CAT!

She's always looking for ways to entertain herself and other cats, so she decided her contribution to a FREE GIFT for our fans is some CAT MAZES. 

Yep. No dogs. No horses. No cows. 

Just great cat mazes that are original from STC and Friends. 

So, get ready to enjoy some samples of our


  • cat-shaped mazes;

  • mazes with characters from the SAGA short story; and

Nothing to buy. No email needed.

No 'cookies' either. The digital tracking kind, not the cat kind. You know, like Cookie!

FLTF required us to include this statement:

While I did approve these FREE gifts to STC fans, I did not have anything to do with creating them. The responsiblity for each and every FREE GIFT lies solely with the named characters stated here: Suitcase.The.Cat., Cookie and Angel. I bear no responsiblity for the entertainment or educational value of any of these items.

PS They are fun, though! The previous statement is in no way to be viewed as an endorsement of the activities. After all, I must retain my professional standards as Editor.

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