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We'd all love to hear from you.!

When we were first-time authors using pen names, we had to guard our privacy. But that's all changed now.  We're starring in an exciting, adventure-filled book with our friend, Suitcase.

And we're thrilled to reach out to our fans - and new friends! - as the real us. 

Suitcase told us that the kid and his grandmother probably know we're the authors of the WARNING book. We think Frank Lee, The Flea (our Editor) told them. 


Anyhow...we're not doing much these days other than waiting to meet some of our new fans with our own story, "The Saga of Mr. Squirrel" and with Suitcase and his new book of adventures!

We know you're not a robot and we really

dislike those prove-you're-not-a-robot  picture things. (It's really hard to do with paws!) So our contact form is really simple. 

You also can just email us at:

Keep up-to-date the easy way:

Let us alert you, when our Prequel short story, and all that FREE STUFF are ready to download ...and when our Suitcase.The.Cat. book is published.


We're waiting to hear from you!
- Suitcase, Cookie and Angel

Thanks. We can't wait to read your message.

WHAT? Oh, guess Cookie and 
I fell alseep waiting for someone to contact us. We got soooooo bored! So, please send us a
message! Thanks.
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