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Note to Parents:

We're in need of  additional members for our Advance Team who can participate during a 30-day period this summer. 

We're looking for kids who REALLY LOVE to read on their own, rather than reading because it is required. We love creating stories and writing books and other fun things related to our books. And we need children who want to be on our Advance Team for the fun of reading a new story or book and are willing to share with us what they enjoyed about the story and what they think of the related activities in the packet.

This is a great opportunity for aspiring young authors and kids who love to get lost in a book!

If all of the above matches your child's interests and reading level (third-sixth grade), then we'd love to hear from you. Please send an email to 

hello@atibooks.com and include

  • the first name and current age and reading level of your child;

  •  a brief statement why your child would like to be on the Advance Team; and

  • at least three of your child's favorite recent/current books.


We will read all of the emails we get and then fill the vacancies on our Advance Team. We only have 16 spaces, so we will have to decide who will be a good match for our book's team in the order in which we receive emails. 

We intend to start this new group of Advance Team members around August 1st, so please contact us as soon as possible to be added to our potential members' list.

Remy, Blair and Jackson

NOTE: For more information about us - three generations of authors - please go to our Adventure Thru Imagination Books website by clicking here:


new advance team members

Members of our ADVANCE TEAM must be reading at third-sixth grade levels, as that is the range of our targeted audience. The Team will be provided advance copies of the Prequel (The Saga of Mr. Squirrel) to our new two-book childrens series and the packet of activities.

Here are the details:


1. Each team  member will be provided a PDF or flipbook copy of the Prequel story and PDF downloadable file of the mazes, mandalas and word games for the intro story to our book series. 

2. Their first task as Advance Team members is to read the Prequel and then do activities in the "Come Play with US!' packet of mazes, mandalas and word games.


3. Then, we need members' honest feedback and comments on the short story and the activities in their own words...both things they enjoyed/liked and things they didn't enjoy.

4. We may use their comments on this website, in book trailers and pinterest and FB posts using only the child's first name and age.

5. Team members will have one month to complete their first task.

6. If the kids enjoy being on the Advance Team for the Prequel (The Saga of Mr. Squirrel), then we will provde them an ebook copy of the first book in the series, when that is published in late Fall 2021. When the paperback is published, we will send each Advance Team member their own copy of the book.