Purrfect Books proudly presents ...

one extraordinary
NOTICE to all who enter!
Know this...

 Our website is a special place where CATS RULE!


And all inhabitants are acknowledged as smarter than humans, except          for occasional visitors (like our Editor Frank Lee, the Flea and that                bushy-tailed pest, Mr. Squirrel).  They're allowed to be here for a brief          time, because of their participation in our Suitcase.The.Cat.                            short story Prequel and our books.  


                 We each have very active lives with our many

                 friends and adventures, so we are not able to

                 stop and sign autographs or pose for selfies. While

                 you're here, do check out our puzzles, games and

                 other free stuff!


                 We trust you understand...and thank you for visiting!


If you have any inquiries, please contact our agent.

(Yes, we've got one!)

Renee Sance

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